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Exchange Properties

If you are interested in a property exchange we can help. We are experienced in IRC Section 1031 Exchanges and can help you through the process by helping you find exchange properties, putting you in contact with a qualified intermediary and an attorney both experienced in 1031 exchanges who can help you facilitate your exchange within the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service.

Please fill in all of the information below as it will help in finding you the most suitable property for your Section 1031 Exchange.

Email Address:
Street Address:
Cell Phone:
Type Property Needed (Acquisition Property - AP):
Size of any Building(s) Needed (AP):
Property Needed Price Range(AP):
Number of Properties Still Needed to Identify:
Total Dollar Amount Needed to Complete 1031 Exchange:
Zoning Needed (AP):
Location (Property Being Acquired - distance to Birmingham, specific City or County etc.):
Message or Additional Information Request:
(Please be as specific as possible about any special amenities or requirements
you may have as this will help in narrowing properties so that you receive only
lists of properties which meet your particular criteria.)
Additional Information - Related to Property You Are Exchanging (if applicable)

Current Property to Exchange (Relinquished Property - RP):
Value of Current Property (RP):
Building Size(s)(RP):
Ceiling Height(s)(RP):
Zoning of Your Current Property (RP):
Lot Dimensions or Acreage Of Your Property (RP):
Best Time to Contact You:
Identification Period Deadline:
Date Transaction Must Be Completed:
Name of Intermediary

If you would like to call us direct, please call:

Several of the properties listed by World Properties Realty Company are owned by individuals, companies, etc. which will consider trading their property for other real estate. Most prefer to trade for property in or around Birmingham, AL, but some would consider other areas and possibly even other states.
If you are interested in possibly working on an exchange basis, please identify the specific property you are interested in and we will notify the owner and then contact you.

World Properties Realty Company, its broker and agents take no responsibility, whatsoever,  for any property owner(s) complying or not complying with respect to any government agency requirements or regulations for completing an qualified exchange including, but not limited to, Internal Revenue  Code 1031 (a) (3) (A). Please seek legal counsel for advice prior to entering into any contractual agreements related to exchanges.

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